Sepsis Alliance: A Trusted Source

February 6, 2018

The 2017/18 flu season will likely be listed among the most fatal and damaging flu seasons over the past few decades. The high number of deaths and severe injuries from influenza-related sepsis has been reported in print, on television and radio, and online in many outlets. As the nation’s leading non-profit patient advocacy group dedicated to saving lives and reducing suffering by raising awareness of sepsis as a medical emergency, Sepsis Alliance has been mentioned in many of these articles as a trusted resource.

Whether the organization is mentioned in a local story, such as this report shown on WKBN27, in Youngstown, Ohio, or a national story published on, the information on the website provides the reporters, editors, viewers, and readers with important information about sepsis and how it occurs. For some, these news reports are the first time they have ever heard the word sepsis, for others, it’s a reminder of something they experienced or it makes them think of someone they love who had sepsis.

Sepsis Alliance was founded in 2007 by Dr. Carl Flatley, a retired endodontist who lost his 23-year-old daughter to sepsis following a routine, elective surgery. After Erin died, Dr. Flatley quickly learned that few people he spoke to had ever heard of sepsis. In 2007, sepsis awareness among adults in the United States was 19%. Ten years later, according to the annual Sepsis Alliance Awareness Survey, awareness had risen to 58%.

The Sepsis Alliance website,, has valuable sepsis information for the general public, healthcare professionals, journalists, bloggers, and anyone else who is seeking information about sepsis, septic shock, and post-sepsis syndrome. All the information is available online, but there are also products, such as sepsis symptom cards, Sepsis Information Guides, posters, and more, available through the site. Sepsis Alliance also maintains an active presence on Facebook, Twitter (@SepsisAlliance), Instagram, and LinkedIn.

The Sepsis Alliance team would like to thank all members of the media who use our information for their reporting on sepsis. Education and awareness of this all-too-frequent killer is vital and Sepsis Alliance is proud to be part of it.