Sepsis Alliance Founder Carl Flatley on RadioMD Health Show

April 14, 2016

San Diego, California (April 14, 2016) – Carl Flatley, DDS, founder of Sepsis Alliance, was a guest on the Melanie Cole’s Health Radio, an Internet radio show on RadioMD. The 10-minute segment, called Sepsis: Poisoning from Within, aired on April 13 th , and focused on helping people understand what sepsis is, and why they should be concerned about this little known, yet common condition. The condition was brought into the spotlight with the death of actress Patty Duke in late March.

While most sepsis cases come from people who are in the community, sepsis is the primary cause of in-hospital deaths. Ms. Cole asked Dr. Flatley about the risks of infections in the hospital, as she recounted her concerns about her own mother who had been hospitalized with conditions that could have put her at risk for sepsis.

Dr. Flatley reviewed the symptoms of sepsis, the need for people to identify that something is wrong, to seek help if they are concerned, and the importance of people voicing their concerns to the doctors and nurses they encounter. “If you don’t get to the hospital in time, they can’t help you,” he said.

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