Most of the information on the  Sepsis Alliance website was written with the patient and his or her family in mind. Patients and their family members may need sepsis information while they are in a crisis situation. Patient teaching, one of the core components of nursing care, isn’t always easy in these situations. By making this information available, Sepsis Alliance encourages people to explore the site’s content when they are ready to learn about sepsis, at their own pace. The information is written in easy-to-understand language, designed for easy comprehension.

Nurses and other healthcare professionals can refer people to the site, and they can download information to hand out or to leave in strategic areas for members of the public to collect.

Sepsis and…

With more than 50 topics related to sepsis, the Sepsis and… section of the site explains the relationship between different types of infections and conditions, and sepsis. For example, Sepsis and UTIs explains what a urinary tract infection is and how it can trigger sepsis. There are sections that explain the differences between bacterial, viral, and fungal infections, and others that connect the dots between conditions like diabetes and cancer and sepsis.

Given that young children and older adults are at higher risk of developing sepsis, there are sections devoted to these two groups, as well.

Visit Sepsis and… to see the varied list of topics.


Faces of Sepsis

This section features almost 800 stories of people who have died or who have survived sepsis. The stories are divided into survivors and tributes. Each one has been submitted by someone who has been touched by sepsis and every effort is made to keep the contributor’s voice, with light editing done when necessary.

Healthcare professionals have also submitted stories of how sepsis has affected their work and we encourage nurses to share their stories. The submission form is linked at the top of each Faces of Sepsis story.

Stories are searchable by condition or topic, and by contributors’ last name.

Sepsis Information Guides (SIGs)

Are you looking for information that you can hand to patients or families, or to use as an educational tool at an information fair or public gathering? The Sepsis Information Guides are available for download and printing as you need them.

There are currently over 30 SIGs available, with more to be uploaded soon.


Sepsis Alliance has put together a Frequently Asked Questions section that covers common questions about sepsis, such as “Can anyone get sepsis?” and “Can you recommend any doctors treating sepsis in my area?”

Spanish Sepsis Material

Some sepsis information has been translated into Spanish for the Sepsis Alliance website, with more to come. As well, print brochures, which describe what sepsis is, are also now available in Spanish, upon request.