What will happen when I get home?

You will likely be very tired and will need to sleep and rest a lot. You have been seriously ill and your body and mind need time to get better.

You may feel very weak, lose a lot of weight, and you may find it hard to walk around. Even receiving visitors and talking may be tiring. Begin your rehabilitation by building up your activities slowly. Rest when you are tired.

Your skin may be dry and itchy. It may peel. You may benefit from using a skin moisurizer. Your nails might break easily and your hair may change. It may start to fall out and get very thin. It should grow back.

You may find that you don’t have an appetite. Build this up by eating small meals several times a day rather than three large meals per day. Some people do well with the nutrition drinks that you can buy in the local stores.

You may find that you feel frustrated when you are at home because it might not be easy to do the things you took for granted. Walking, eating, even breathing may be difficult or frightening. You have to remember how ill you have been and try to see that you are making progress, even if it may not seem so sometimes.