Meet Gisely Schrot

Gisely Schrot, Erin's Campaign for Kids Nursing Awards, International Pediatric Nurse Award2018 Erin’s Campaign for Kids Nursing Award Winner in the category of International Pediatric Nurse

The Erin’s Campaign for Kids Nursing award in the category of International Pediatric Nurse is awarded this year to Gisely Schrot, a registered nurse at Sabará Children’s Hospital in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Gisely is responsible for managing the sepsis protocol in the hospital. Before she took on the role, the hospital did not have an established sepsis protocol despite being the largest private pediatric hospital in the country. As Gisely pointed out in her application for the award, patient care is becoming increasingly complex and a sepsis protocol is essential in identifying and managing sepsis among all patients. In her role, Gisely helped implement the protocol, monitor the patients on the protocol, collect feedback from professionals involved in sepsis care, promote awareness campaigns in association with World Sepsis Day, coordinate multi-disciplinary training, and much more.

“I am proud to receive this recognition for the work developed for the quality and safety of patients,” Gisely said. “Being recognized for the project of implantation and management of the protocol for treatment of sepsis in pediatrics is a great satisfaction. I would like to thank the staff of Sabará Children’s Hospital for the partnership of this project. In the future, I hope the population is better prepared for the early recognition of sepsis, while the healthcare staff recognizes patients early and reduces mortality, making care safer.”