The Sepsis Ambassador Program is designed to encourage supporters to become more involved in the work of the organization. The program is an awareness building and fundraising initiative that gives volunteers the opportunity to have a direct, positive impact on our mission.

Sepsis Ambassadors are dedicated volunteers who want to make a lasting impact in the fight against sepsis. Each Ambassador has a goal of raising sepsis awareness among family and friends, and other community members, while also raising funds for Sepsis Alliance. These funds help in the creation and distribution of educational information.

Why Become an Ambassador?

  1. Currently, only 55% of US adults have heard of sepsis. You can help us to get that number to 100%. You will be spreading sepsis awareness among your community and your peers, and you will reach those people that we typically may not reach.
  2. You will help Sepsis Alliance produce and distribute patient education materials, and healthcare awareness materials and resources. The patient materials help patients and families to understand what they are going through in the hospital, and will help survivors to better understand what to expect after leaving the hospital. Resources made available for healthcare workers will help them to continue their sepsis education or learn about best practices.
  3. You will be recognized as a Sepsis Ambassador, and receive the Sepsis Ambassador Tool Kit.

Become an Ambassador

Become an Ambassador by creating your fundraising page.

Ambassador Impact

Our first Ambassador Program session helped to raise enough funds to create and distribute 10,000 patient education brochures to hospitals all around the country. Through social media posts, emails, phone calls, and in-person meetings, the ambassadors were able to share their sepsis knowledge with hundreds of people.

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