Wayne Simons


My partner contracted sepsis after his transplanted kidney from his mother rapidly went into rejection. (Sepsis and Surgery, Sepsis and Kidney Transplants) After many tests, we were not advised of what he was suffering with until four weeks later, once they had gotten his medication under control and administered emergency dialysis.

After two and a half years on dialysis, he has now had his second transplant from a deceased donor, to whom we are truly grateful, and is now in recovery after receiving his kidney and pancreas in June 2019. He also has a rare disease called C1Q, and is now on antibiotics for life, as well as all his other medications and anti-immume suppressants, etc., and we hope and pray every day that the C1Q does not come back to attack the new organs. He also had PCP pneumonia and many other illnesses that dramatically turned his life upside down. But he is living proof that sepsis can be beaten, and we are forever grateful to the donor and all the medical staffers with whom we have had dealings with over the last three plus years.

Source: Danielle Carlton, fiancée