Toni Shave


I have spent 27 nights in total to date in hospital.
I had 3 surgeries- 2 keyhole and one open abdominal surgery.
I was diagnosed with sepsis twice. First due to peritonitis and the second due to intra abdominal infection.
I wrote letters to my family as I KNEW I was going to die. I had numerous types of antibiotics, 57 injections/cannulas or blood tests (yes I counted ?)
To start with, (1st 2 surgeries) they could not ‘grow the bugs’.
Before 2 of the surgeries but particularly the last open procedure I was told to prepare for anything with a long list of possible outcomes. I consented to +-. In other words – whatever it took to get me through. I asked the surgeon to save my life if he could! ‘Of course.’ He said ‘it’s what we do here.’
It was a bit of a ‘mess’ were the surgeons words – pus filled pelvic cavity, bowels kinked. #Thank you NHS.
But I can say that this is the nearest this body has been to death.
To dance with death and survive -God’s not done with me yet !

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