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Teresa S.

Teresa S.

I was admitted to the hospital after I collapsed at a zoo with severe abdominal pain, low blood pressure and vomiting. After 2 days I was informed that I had e coli which sent me into septic shock. (Sepsis and Intestinal E. Coli Infections) I  had a bowel obstruction.

Every day I was there I had to be ready for emergency surgery if obstruction could not clear itself and antibiotics not working good enough. I went home 1 week after admission. This happened only 7 weeks post op back surgery in which we were trying to prevent permanent damage to nerves affecting feet. Since I’ve been home I have developed obsessive compulsive traits with my health, bordering on panic attacks. I also have a history of bipolar and depression. Learning more about PSS (Post-Sepsis Syndrome) has been a huge blessing in understanding what I am experiencing. I have shared this information with my health care professionals as they weren’t really aware of PSS. I hope that the medical professions will become more educated and made aware of diagnosing sepsis and its long term effects. I am 54 and a mother of 2.

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