Susan E.


I remember going to the ER with severe coughing. My initial memories are a jumble of breathing very fast, struggling to bring in air, confusion, time distortion, and feeling like I was dying. The doctor mentioned words such as a 16,000 white count and a high lactate that made sense because I am a retired healthcare professional. An oxygen mask was placed on my face which I kept pulling off because I felt like it was suffocating me. I remember trying to talk to the nurse but realizing I was making no sense. I’d change the subject in the middle of a sentence.

The doctor said I had sepsis. I had no idea how deadly my condition actually was I just knew it was serious. My next memories are those in the hospital room with oxygen, breathing treatments, IV fluids, IV antibiotics and IV steroids. My doctor, the nurses and the respiratory therapists were all excellent and very kind. With the Lord’s intervention and their help I am now a SURVIVOR!!!