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Shari Marshall

Shari Marshall

In 2013 I had a leg lift and contracted MRSA with sepsis. (Sepsis and MRSA, Sepsis and Antimicrobial Resistance – AMR) It was treated during a hospital stay.

In 2016 I had a tummy tuck and contracted staph infection with sepsis. (Sepsis and Bacterial Infections) It was treated during a hospital stay. For almost 4 years I was fine then all of a sudden in mid 2019 I developed what I’m told was cellulitis with sepsis. (Sepsis and Cellulitis) No bug bite, no surgery, no wounds, no cracked skin, no trauma, no other illnesses. The infection site was on the top of my outer left thigh.

It’s now June 2021 and I’ve been on 6 months of penicillin followed by 11 months of keflex and am now on my 5th occurrence. The best doctors can tell me is it’s POSSIBLY lymphatic system related due to the surgeries. I’ve had bi-weekly lymphatic treatments (paid for out of pocket because it’s not a ‘medical diagnosis’ because it’s not studied in western medicine) for over a year but it’s not helped. So the only thing my infectious disease doctor tells me is it’s just bad luck. Horse poop. But it’s the best thing they can tell me. I hope someone can offer help before this kills me. Last week when it set in, I went from feeling just fine with no fever to needing a wheelchair and temp of 103.5 in 20 minutes. I’m scared for my life.

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