Shannon Garcilazo


I thank God For blessing me with my seventh child December 13, 1999. Prior to his birth and during my fifth month of pregnancy, I became ill went to the hospital was diagnosed with a kidney infection sent home with antibiotics. I returned the emergency room, I was told yes it was painful, to take medication as prescribed and I was sent home again.

I had fever and chills and felt as if I was going to die, so I returned to ER. I could not get myself in the car. I needed help. I was sent home again. Again I returned to emergency room, with help because by then I could not walk on my own. They took blood, told me I just need to get rest and take my medication and I was sent home again.

I could not get warm once I was home. Friends and my children were covering me up with as many blankets as they could gather. One of my sisters called me on the phone. My teeth were chattering. She told me to get up and go back to the hospital and I cried, I cannot I can’t even move. She then told me that I was in shock and could not stay in bed at that time.

The other line was beeping in and she told me to answer it because it was the hospital and not hang up with her and to let her know what they said. When I clicked over to the other line it was my doctor. He said they cultured out my blood and I had severe sepsis and pregnancy induced fatty liver, and that I needed to return to the hospital immediately or he would send an ambulance. (Sepsis and Pregnancy & Childbirth)

My friends got me back to hospital. I was hospitalized from 8/23/99 – 8/27/99. My doctor told me to always let my healthcare providers in the future know that I run low blood pressure and low body temperature because I only had a fever of 99°. I remember initially not wanting to use the morphine for fear it would harm my unborn child and I do not remember anything until waking up August 27 1999. Then I was told that they were happy I was as persistent as I was and I am happy I was persistent also, and thank God for my beautiful baby boy who is now 18 years old.

I feel my health has never been the same and at the same time I feel very blessed . A schoolmate of mine is and was an OB nurse at the time and I never realized why it scared her so badly. She said that I did not realize how lucky I am to be alive and to have my child, that it doesn’t always turn out like that . It took a while for my recovery and I do not recall who provided care for my children that were home but God bless you all and thank you from the bottom of my heart, and thank you my family and friends who helped me through that difficult time. Until recently I did not realize that it could have long-term effects. Reading about others who have experienced this horrible illness has given me knowledge of why some of the things have happened over time since I was ill with sepsis. T thank you for sharing .