Nancy Mierzejwski

Nancy Mierzejwski

My wife of 65 was diagnosed with advanced stage 4 lung cancer. She was also diabetic. (Sepsis and Cancer, Sepsis and Diabetes)

Nancy had undergone radiation treatments, and was on oral chemo medication. She also had to have a chest tube due to fluid buildup around the affected lung. (Sepsis and Invasive Devices) This was during the high point of the pandemic, so it was best Nancy stayed at home.

It was my job to drain her lung cavity every other night. On one particular day, she had become very weak and had no appetite. I can only speculate it was a result of the cancer medication. Later that night, as I drained her chest fluid, I noticed it had changed in color from a watery red to a more dense liquid somewhat like a milkshake. I suspected something was awry, but for reasons I can’t explain, I did not get Nancy to an ER. I helped her to bed, and 10 hours later in morning, I realized there was something seriously wrong.

I called 911, and had her taken to the hospital. Sepsis had already taken a foot hold, and some 38 hours later, Nancy was gone. That was in June of 2020. To this day I struggle to understand why I made such a poor decision that night. Would it have made a difference if I didn’t wait? By the time Nancy was diagnosed, the cancer had spread throughout her body. My family tries to reassure me that her early passing was probably a God send. I can only take comfort in knowing she died peacefully in a drug induced coma.

Source: Robert J. Mierzejwski, Husband

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