Meagan Lloyd


The pictures I chose were taken just 18 hours apart, I had just had my son and what was supposed to be a joyous occasion quickly turned sour when just 7 hours after being discharged, at my hesitance, I was admitted to another hospital. (Sepsis and Pregnancy & Childbirth) I remember being wheeled in to the hospital and passing out, waking up 4 days later being told I had sepsis, strep and blood clots. (Sepsis and Strep Throat)

I spent 3 weeks in the hospital trying to recover from the effects of sepsis and here I am 7 months later and today was my last round of medicine. I had to go through 2 months of physical therapy to be able to walk again and even then I had to use a walker. It took a lot away from me, my dignity, my security, it took being able to see my newborn son meet his siblings and the rest of his family. It took away my ability to breastfeed my son. I didn’t get to see my children for over a month from being so sick. I had 7 different doctors speak with me during my hospital stay and every one of them were amazed that I was still alive.

While sepsis took so many things from me, it didn’t take my life which is more than a lot of cases. I am truly blessed to have survived such a horrible sickness and I hope and pray that everyone educates themselves on sepsis because it’s very real, and VERY dangerous.