Luana Hayth


June 24 2020, My back hurt!
Healthy Happy 50 year old woman, Navy veteran married 32years to Army Retired man. Mother of 3.

We were retiring and moving and selling our home. My back hurt, so bad. In fact it hurt so bad I couldn’t stand sit or lay down. I put a hot wet towel on my back and tried to sit in a chair. At 2 am my I lost control of my bladder and my left leg is tingling, I can see stars. My husband asleep and no home phone and no iPhone. I drove myself to hospital. No fever, normal blood pressure, pulse was high. MY BACK HURT.

At hospital, I was in parking lot screaming for help. Three people got me in a wheel chair. They didn’t know why my back hurt, I couldn’t urine and my left leg was dead. The pain was so BAD, 12, I saw gold and blue stars, and I knew I was dying !!!!!

They sent me to CAT scan. When I woke up, I saw white pus in my spine. (I have spine CAT scan)
They said emergency surgery. My husband signed papers. I passed out.

When I awoke, in intensive care I was paralyzed. I couldn’t move, or use the bathroom. I had antibiotics in a PICC line into my heart. I asked the doctor if I was okay. He said we don’t know.

After 74 days in hospital and rehab. I learned to walk again. (CRY)

I also got my functions back.

I’m on no medications. I have pain in my damaged spinal cord, and nerve damage in legs and lower body.

I exercise daily

I LOVE LIFE. I just became a Grandma for the first time, A GIRL,!!!

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