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Linda Johnson


My momma went into the hospital because she had a seizure and was not really responsive. They said it was a UTI. (Sepsis and Urinary Tract Infections) They kept her for a couple of days, then sent her to a “skilled nursing center”. She was still not responsive.

They took her back to the hospital, back to the center, back to the hospital, back to the center. She never got better. The fourth time they took her to the hospital, they diagnosed her with sepsis. It went undiagnosed for weeks. By the time they did diagnose it, it was too late. She never recovered, and we chose to take her off life support on January 12, 2019. She passed away a few hours later. It was so traumatic and unnecessary. We were and still are heartbroken and angry. Her name is Linda Johnson. I love you, rest in peace Momma.

Linda had a urinary tract infection, which led to sepsis.

Source: Debbie Johnson, daughter

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