Kim Smith


Posted on October 5th, 2018

In November the 29th to be exact, my husband took me to hospital because I felt really unwell. At 3am I ended up being put in an induced coma on kidney dialysis because my kidneys were failing. After 6 weeks still in a coma, being flown by air ambulance back to the UK. A further 3 weeks in a coma to be slowly woken to be told I had SEPSIS and my limbs needed to be amputated.

I said yes, do it, as I could see my hands and legs were black. I had my hands and my legs (above the knee) amputated on the 9th February and finally got out of hospital 8 weeks ago. Life is great. I’m doing lots for myself now but it’s all about learning new ways to do things, I’ve just ordered a bionic hand it’s cost £15,000 so only ordered 1 for now we’ve been fundraising and that’s all that gone, but I’m so happy I’m here with my family and alive.