Jordan Nelson


I am an IV drug user. (Sepsis and IV Drug Use) I have been since eighth grade. I am 19 right now. When I first started showing signs of my infection, I just thought I was dope sick. I had extreme body pain. I could barely walk. I had no energy with extremely high fevers.

I went to the hospital several times but they didn’t know what was wrong with me. They just told me it was some kind of viral something. Then after the third visit to the ER and a blood culture, I was air lifted to the nearest hospital with resources to help me. At the time I was 100 pounds. I am 6 foot 2 and that doesn’t look good.

I was in the hospital for two months, but because I am an addict they were stingy on the pain meds, and I was in pain the whole time. After getting out of the hospital I was supposed to have a heart valve transplant, but that hospital refused to do it. Around a year and 2-3 treatments later, I applied for a surgery and was accepted at Abbott Heart Hospital, and the surgery was a success. That was in December of 2019. Now I am doing good, but I have to be extra careful with my dental stuff and not using so I wont get re-infected.

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