Jacqueline Deschuymere


Just got enough courage to look up on my computer about SEPSIS ….It’s a horrible disease and I’m a SURVIVOR…but, with many post health problem, had lost a large amount of blood lost, of which I will relate to a bit later. I was in two different hospitals. One treated me for a serious kidney infection…there about 2 weeks. I went to a care facility from there for two weeks, where there was no forgiveness for SEPSIS

I went by ambulance to ICU at another hospital. There they found out I was hemorrhaging inside my body and had to get two blood transfusions. They also found the SEPSIS. It had attacked most of my organs, including my heart, paralized me completely. I don’t recall a lot of what was done BUT, they saved my life. I was there for a while too, then to another Care Hospital for a few more weeks.

I had to learn to walk again, talk, eat, put clothes on, etc, etc. I finally got to go home with all my hospital equipment and my son & his wife’s help. They work but they live with me so, I’m not alone at night.  I have home care, nurses and therapists. So thankful for that. SEPSIS robbed me of my strength BUT not of my WILL TO FIGHT THIS TERRIBLE DISEASE, still fighting strongly, yes sometimes I cry and say WHY.

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