Holli T.


I am a 2x triple negative breast cancer survivor AND a 2x sepsis survivor. The day Oregon shut down due to COVID-19, I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. After I went through chemo and recovered, I underwent my second bilateral mastectomy to remove implants from my first bout with cancer (2017). At some point, I touched my dog and then my drain tube. It took less than 8 hours for my drainage to go from normal, to green and gross looking. (Sepsis and Cancer, Sepsis and Surgery, Sepsis and Invasive Devices)

I was hospitalized, put on antibiotics. I was not getting better. Infectious disease doctor came in and he diagnosed me with sepsis. The cause was Pasteurella. (Sepsis and Bacterial Infections) I lost all memory, experienced severe delirium. 14 days in the hospital, I was discharged. I underwent 30 days of intravenous antibiotics. 45 days later, I spiked a high fever of 104. I went back to the hospital. Like the first time, I was tested for COVID-19, negative, and they admitted me.

A few days in, I took a turn for the worse. I was not getting enough oxygen, I experienced delirium again, only this time, I was talking clear and concise. My daughter was the one to notice I was me only back when I was 23! At this point, infectious disease center got involved and again I was diagnosed with sepsis. I was never in ICU, but was hospitalized for 21 days. I have almost complete memory loss around my hospital stay.

It’s been 6 months, I’m in remission from cancer, but I suffer from PSS. I’m worried every day about getting sick again. I also have short term memory loss. It is hoped that eventually I will recover from that too.

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