Donald Walden

Donald Walden

My husband of almost 18 years, was sent to the hospital on May 5th, 2021, and died in the ICU on May 19th, 2021. He had multiple chronic health problems, in which included COPD, diabetes, and was morbidly obese. (Sepsis and COPD, Sepsis and Diabetes) However, despite an unexpected death, he took measures to improve his health by losing weight, he watched what he ate, and was compliant with all medical interventions, and medicine.

He was constantly battling on and off problems with becoming septic, and being hospitalized for this problem, but unfortunately, I had lost him during his 5th time being plagued my sepsis, in which lead very quickly to septic shock, and when he was in the ICU, he had full blown kidney failure, and was on IV epinephrine, due to dangerously low blood pressure. (Sepsis and Septic Shock, Sepsis and Kidney Failure) He ended up receiving 24-hour hemodialysis, and had a Bipap machine at night.

I knew it was bad, after the doctor had told me that his prognosis was not good, and that he was recommending hospice care. I am a nurse, and between working and taking care of other people, I took care of him, cooked his dinners, managed his meds, took him to all of his doctor’s appointments and always worried about his health, or what was going to happen to him. We were soulmates for life, and we told each other every day, that we loved each other, and we were in tune with one another. He was a devoted father, husband, and friend, and adored children, and besides that, he had a wonderful sense of humor, and tried everyday to manage, but also had his personal daily health struggles. I will never re-marry again, because I had such a wonderful man in my life, and no one else would compare.

Source: Ann Marie Walden, surviving spouse

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