Dianne Nguyen


Posted on May 10th, 2019

I am finally sharing my traumatic experience to help prevent this from happening to anyone else and to recognize the signs of hemorrhage and sepsis. It took me a long time to find the courage to share this because I was humiliated and I am ashamed of what happened to me. Sadly I am still recovering and I pray that this doesn’t happen to our loved ones. (The photo of me on the left was taken right before I gave birth and the picture on the right was taken the next day in ICU.)

On October 25, 2018 I gave birth to a healthy baby girl named Valerie. But something went seriously wrong that night. I remember the nurse told me that they will be massaging my stomach every 10 minutes. They DID NOT and I was suffering from the large amount of blood clots. My stomach was hurting from excessive pain, which the staff ignored. I remember asking a nurse, “Aren’t ya suppose to press down my stomach?” The nurse laughed and said, “Oh, no.” Later on, the nurses was trying to help me up to the restroom but I threw up and a huge amount of blood clots came out!

The nurses had to call for extra help immediately and they pressed down my stomach until more unbelievably large amount of blood clots came out. The nurse also gave me a shot on my leg to help stopped the bleeding.

I felt better until they moved me to another room where I threw up again when I drank water. I believe my nurses was upset with me because I had accidentally vomited all over the new room from my bedside due to nausea. I kept hearing a young nurse complaining to another middle age nurse in front of me, “It smells so bad!”

The nurse gave me more medication to help stop the bleeding but later on, I woke up shaking extremely bad. After an hour, my body was burning up and I went back to shaking bad again! I was severely dehydrated but was denied anything to drink because the nurses thought I would throw up again. I paged my nurse to let her know that I couldn’t survive this! I felt like I was going to die and nobody cared!

My nurse explained to me that my body was in shock because I’ve lost a lot of blood and claimed that it was normal. I seriously needed medical attention and waited for hours! The nurse told me that the doctor was coming but never did.

The lack of immediate medical attention led me into septic shock that caused my panic attack/psychotic breakdown. I honestly felt like the nurses was entertaining this and the first responders waited too long to give me medical attention. Part of me was shut down, screaming and crying inside for help and telling myself to snap out of it. I thought, “This is it. I’m going to die and no one is going to help me!” While another me was severely dehydrated and acting irrationally. (Sepsis and Pregnancy & Childbirth)

I was lashing out on the nurses, first responders, and police. I was rambling on and on and acted totally out of character. They finally restrained me after a LONG PERIOD OF TIME. The staff saw that I wasn’t myself but didn’t recognize the signs of a psychotic breakdown due to SEPTIC SHOCK? I was ready to pass out from being in shock for too long, which could’ve resulted in a coma or DEATH!!!

I was transferred to ICU where the doctors reported that I lost my color and was pale. They also discovered that I needed blood transfusion due to the large amount of blood loss aka hemorrhage, I had a high fever of 104, and a high level of white blood cells due to an infection that developed after I gave birth. All of this could’ve been prevented if only they had checked my temperature and my blood.

When I had my panic attack, the staff thought I was crazy or on drugs so I had a mental evaluation from a specialist and passed. She believed that I went through so much trauma in a period of time that it caused my psychotic breakdown.

I still cannot believe how the nurses treated me after this whole unfortunate ordeal. I picked this place because it was known as one of the top medical care but instead I was neglected and treated so bad afterward, to the point where the nurses made me cry like I was the worst mother ever for things I didn’t know about. I won’t go into detail because I’ve stated enough but just know that I was still treated unfairly after the most traumatic experience of my life!

I encourage you all to share this post to let others know of the risks. Share to be aware of HEMORRHAGE and SEPTIC SHOCK. Thank you so much for reading 💕