Carolyn Edgar


Posted on November 24th, 2017

Jeff, Carolyn's husband

This story starts on November 14th of 2016; my wife Carolyn went for elective surgery for diverticulitis. Her surgery on the 14th went well until 2 days later. Carolyn was in her room talking with friends and about to get a surprise. Her parents came in to help me with her recovery, all of a sudden she felt like she was burning up and in lots of pain.

They gave her meds and cooling blanket to control her temp and pain. A CT scan of the abdomen was negative. They chose to operate and it was found there was an area that did not seal. (Sepsis and Surgery, Sepsis and Perforated Bowel) She was diagnosed with sepsis. Then on to 32 days in ICU, medically induced coma and a bout with 106.9 fever.

They had to do an ileostomy. I was told it could be permanent, along with possible mortality or brain damage.

As time went on her vitals improved along with her respiratory rate. They chose to wake her. It took 2 days before she responded and they extubated.
To shorten this story, she had 14 additional surgeries, the ileostomy was reversed and only has nerve damage to her legs.
She is a true survivor and fighter !!!