Burton Davis


This past December 23rd I went to hospital for a routine spine surgery. Everything went well. About 10 days later I felt flu like. Body aches, low fever, malaise. (Sepsis and Surgery)

I went back for a follow up visit and the doctor said I might have the flu. On our way home the phone rang and it was our doctors office. They said my blood tests did show a MRSA infection and I was to return immediately to the hospital emergency room. (Sepsis and MRSA) Only approximately 2 weeks after my surgery, I was already septic. My SED rate was over 400. They started me on IV antibiotic.

My MRI showed widespread abscesses in my surgery site. The performed surgery to flush out and debride the site. I spent 4 days in the ICU. After further recovery I was sent home and my wife administered PICC line antibiotics. After about 2 weeks of this therapy I demanded a doctor visit due to severe pain, delirium, tremors. I was readmitted only to discover that the infection exploded and I was septic, and required emergency surgery to drain the pus and again debride and flush the infection site.

All in all, i had 4 surgeries. 7 different antibiotics. Experimentally high doses of antibiotics because normal dosage levels were not effective in clearing the sepsis. I had severe damage to surrounding flesh and vertebral bones and soft discs. I cannot walk anymore without a walker. I have severe pain unless I am laying in bed and probably always will. I sense a change in my cognitive ability and my short term memory has been damaged.

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