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Becky S.

Becky S.

I am a two-time breast cancer survivor. I was suffering with my silicone breast implants that were put in after my double mastectomy. (Sepsis and Cancer) I had them removed in April 2021 and got MRSA so bad that I was soaking my shirt. (Sepsis and MRSA)

Leaving out a lot but the surgeon told me to come back for surgery this was April 2021. Surgeon found a 10 cm abscess in what was my right breast. I kept getting weaker and weaker my kidneys shut down two days before my husband found me passed out in the floor. (Sepsis and Kidney Failure) In intensive care they told my husband they were not sure I would make it. Put on a ventilator and put in an induced coma for two weeks. Had dialysis and a feeding tube and pretty much everything they had in ICU. This was told to me by a nurse who cared for me in ICU and was surprised to see me the third week I was in hospital and awake. I have no memory from the time I was found until I woke up in ICU.

Again leaving out a lot but wanted to say I am very thankful I am alive but my legs hurt so bad all of the time. I am not back to where I was before all of this. I really need to recover because my husband is an above the knee amputee from a bone infection that we battled for two years. Our new journey we are learning so much and it is from one of the magazines that I read about sepsis and ended up here. Hope I didn’t leave too many holes in my story. Feels good too get this experience out here. Oh I forgot I am going to wound care because my abscess has to heal inside out and it has just now started to make some progress. Looking forward to less pain and a better quality of life. Getting this wound healed will be one less health issue to deal with.

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