sepsis, sepsis survivorYou’re a sepsis survivor or you care for a family member or friend who has had sepsis. Perhaps your recovery or rehabilitation is not going as well as you hoped. You may have post-sepsis syndrome (PSS), which could affect you physically, psychologically, or cognitively.

Many of the long-lasting issues that affect some sepsis survivors are invisible. It’s not unusual for others to think that now you’re home from the hospital, you should be ok and ready to go back to life as you knew it.
People can’t see how tired you are or how hard it is for you to do simple tasks because your memory or stamina are not what they used to be. Making this worse is trying to explain how you feel because these problems are invisible.

Sepsis Alliance is dedicated to helping raise sepsis awareness as a medical emergency, but we are also working hard to help survivors and their caregivers as they adjust to life after sepsis. To this end, we have written letters that may be printed out and given to people who you believe would benefit from learning more about post-sepsis issues and PSS. Click on the links below to download and print the letters.

Dear Doctor
Dear Teacher
Dear Coach
Dear Daycare Provider

To learn more about post-sepsis syndrome, visit our Sepsis and Post-Sepsis Syndrome page in our Sepsis and… library.