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Speaking To Patients

Speaking to patients of the risks and symptoms of sepsis is one of the most important things medical professionals can do. Unfortunately, sepsis is one of the most misunderstood conditions today, and there is plenty of misinformation available for patients to review in today’s internet age.

Sepsis Alliance has created several handouts that healthcare professionals can use when discussing sepsis and its treatment with patients. Each handout is available for download in PDF format, and provides concrete information that patients can share with family members about the disease.

The handouts currently available include:

Post-sepsis syndrome (PSS) is now becoming more known in the medical community, but still too many healthcare providers don’t know about or understand the issues related to PSS. Many sepsis survivors are left with lasting effects from their illness, including chronic fatigue, depression and symptoms of PTSD. This is addressed in the Post-Sepsis Syndrome section. There is also a PSS sepsis information guide, available for download at the link above.