Hari Menon

A serial entrepreneur based out of Silicon Valley, Hari is the founder and CEO of Timeli, an enterprise software startup company.

Prior to founding Timeli, Hari was the CEO of a venture backed Supply Chain software company called Serus (acquired by E2Open). Harry’s entrepreneurial experience includes co-founding and leading Tumri, a venture financed advertising software company (acquired by Collective Media and later by Adobe) as well as co-founding two other software startups, Accordia (acquired by Bristlecone Inc.) and SixthDimension (acquired by Comverge).

Prior to his startup experience, Hari spend 10 years in enterprise software and consulting companies including Aspect Development (i2 Technologies), Accenture and Consilium.

Hari holds an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University and an M.S. in industrial engineering and operations research from Oklahoma State University.

Hari is an avid basketball fan and lives in Sunnyvale, CA with his wife and daughter.