Elizabeth Mockapetris

Elizabeth (Liz) Mockapetris worked for many years in Washington, DC for a non-profit dealing with computing in higher education (Educom, now Educause).  This was in the early days of the Internet—and way before the .com boom.  She helped educate members of Congress and federal agencies about the benefits of the “Information Superhighway” and coordinated the annual National Net conferences to educate the public about this “new” technology.  During that time, she met her husband and gave it all up to raise three children, who are now in colleges around the US. 

In September 2016, during their last year living in Paris, France, her husband contracted sepsis.  Fortunately, the French health care system caught it quickly and he made a full recovery.  In lieu of Christmas gifts that year, realizing that the “gift of life” was much more important than material goods, Liz sought out an organization in which to make a donation and found the Sepsis Alliance.  She is extremely excited to join the board and help make a difference in raising awareness and educating people about this sneaky condition.