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Sharon Hansen

Sharon Hansen, MN, RN, CCRN is a graduate of Pacific Lutheran University and the University of Washington, Tacoma.  She has been a critical care nurse for more than 33 years and has maintained certification in critical care nursing (CCRN) for more than 27 years.  As a critical care nurse, she developed clinical expertise in caring for patients with sepsis and their families during the acute and initial recovery phases.  When her husband was diagnosed with sepsis in 2003, the trajectory of her life and career changed drastically. In caring for her husband, she discovered that the impact of sepsis goes well beyond the hospital admission.  Sharon transformed this experience into a passion for sepsis education and quality improvement in her hospital organization. Sharon took this into her role as a system educator and has been involved in sepsis initiatives within her healthcare organization since 2007.  Her focus in this role is training new and experienced staff to detect early stages of sepsis and advocate for treatment in the hospital setting and recognize the effects of post-sepsis syndrome.

In 2014, Sharon began sharing her knowledge and experience outside of her local hospital setting.  As a lecturer for the University of Washington, Tacoma she has been able to educate students regarding sepsis recognition, the importance of early intervention, and how to provide care throughout the continuum.  Sharon is actively involved her local Mountain to Sound chapter of American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN) and is now co-president of the chapter.  She has presented both regionally and nationally regarding post-sepsis syndrome.  She has been honored to partner with Sepsis Alliance in assisting with education and raising awareness of Sepsis Alliance as a resource to nurses, individuals, and families.  Sharon was honored to be a 2018 Sepsis Hero award recipient.

Sharon is passionate about elevating nursing practice. She is actively assisting nurses in improving patient care and safety. Her passion for sepsis goes beyond education, it also translates into advocacy and change for sepsis survivors and their families.


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