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Art Caston

Art Caston served on the Board of Sepsis Alliance and as Treasurer since its formation until December 2014 at which time he joined the SA Advisory Board.

Art Caston is widely recognized as a pioneer and thought leader in the field of Enterprise Architecture. A leading international consultant, author, and speaker on the strategic use of information technologies, his experience in the formative years of the IT industry culminated in co-authoring the international best seller Paradigm Shift: The New Promise of Information Technology.

Since 1993, Mr. Caston has run a private consulting business focussing on advising major private and public sector enterprises on achieving I.T.-enabled business transformation. He has built his consulting practice around the use of enterprise architecture methodologies to guide executives, planners, business architects, and other consultants through the challenges and complexities of enterprise transformation.

Mr. Caston has worked with the Board and Executive Director to establish the strategic plan and assist in guiding the operation of the Sepsis Alliance.