Sue Stull is a sepsis survivor and a vocal advocate for sepsis awareness. Although she survived septic shock, Sue’s life changed drastically because she had to undergo amputations of both arms below the elbows and both legs below the knees.

Before Sue became ill in August 2014, she was a healthy, active woman. Her husband Jay now knows that Sue’s feelings of chills, soreness, and other symptoms were early warning signs of sepsis that the doctors later felt may have been caused by a possible undiagnosed urinary tract infection. When Sue was admitted to the hospital, she went into septic shock and needed life support. Jay was warned that Sue may not survive.

After several days, Sue did pull through, but the quadruple amputations were necessary because her limbs had become gangrenous. Sue took on her new challenges and learned how to walk with her prosthesis and move forward, both literally and figuratively. Their inaugural Sue Stull 5K Fun Run/Walk was held on September 12, 2015, with Sue completing the walk with her new prosthetic legs.

As a sepsis survivor, Sue has taken on a new role in life. She and Jay are now active sepsis advocates working to spread sepsis awareness in their community and beyond. In an effort to further better understanding of sepsis, the Stulls speak to medical professionals in area hospitals, and they have also spoken at the Hangar Clinic, where Sue is fit with her prostheses. Sue is also featured in a new video to be released soon, called Sepsis 911.


If you would like to attend Sepsis Heroes or make a donation, please visit the Sepsis Heroes ticket page.