There are many ways to make a difference in society, big and small. For example, while we all know and recognize the roles of researchers and healthcare professionals in sepsis recognition and management, Sepsis Alliance recognizes that there are many people behind the scenes who help make this work possible. When Jon Glaudemans was told he had been awarded a Sepsis Heroes award, he felt humbled and puzzled as to why he would be singled out to receive such an award precisely because he isn’t on the frontlines. “I feel so removed from the day-to-day work of people who actually are touching the lives of patients, or families,” he says. “But there are a lot of ways to make a difference,” he acknowledges. “And sometimes you can touch people in organizations in unexpected ways.”

Jon is a sepsis survivor himself, although he rarely thought of himself that way. It was only after he met Sepsis Alliance Executive Director Thomas Heymann that the memories came back and the interest was sparked. “I don’t really sort of think about it anymore, but what I remember is being sedated for a day or so, and then waking up to a conversation that they thought that they could save my left arm,” he says. “You sort of block those memories out, but when Tom and I were chatting they came back. This was a big deal for me, even though I survived it. It was probably more touch and go than I ever realized.”

A former managing director of Manatt Health, Jon encouraged the firm to provide Sepsis Alliance with pro bono work. When asked what he is most proud of when thinking about his work with Sepsis Alliance, Jon says that it was working with his Manatt colleagues in helping update the organization’s strategy and business plan, while encouraging the organization to think big. Since leaving Manatt, Jon continues to find ways to help the Sepsis Alliance, by opening doors and introducing Sepsis Alliance board members to people in the private sector who are interested in helping the organization further its mission of spreading sepsis awareness.

After working at Manatt Health, Jon is now CEO of United Rheumatology. Before Manatt, Jon was Chief Advocacy and Communications Officer at Ascension Health, Senior Vice President/Chief Operating Officer at Avalere Health, LLC, and he worked in several capacities at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Aetna, and the U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB).

Jon lives in Maryland with his wife Jennifer, and together they enjoy time with their two children and two grandchildren.


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