New York State Tackles Battle Against Sepsis

- Governor Cuomo: Sepsis Protocols Needed for NYS Hospitals -

January 17, 2013 - New York Governor Andrew Cuomo addressed the important healthcare issue of sepsis when he delivered his State-of–the-State address, mandating statewide sepsis protocols to identify and swiftly treat sepsis, an illness that kills over 258,000 people, each year, in the United States. 

The issue of sepsis was brought to the forefront late last summer with the publication of a NY Times articles, authored by Pulitzer prize winning journalist, Jim Dwyer, thta featured the unnecessary and untimely death of Rory Staunton, from sepsis garnered global attention.

Governor Andrew Cuomo “is taking unprecedented measures to prevent and effectively treat sepsis in healthcare facilities across the state and is looking at a wide range of additional measures to better protect patients.” Themeasures also received the full support of Dr. Nirav R. Shah, the New York State Health Commissioner, who launched this initiative in honor of Rory Staunton.

Sepsis Alliance fully supports this initiative and is working towards having other states mandate similar protocols so that all hospitals in the United States will have a standard sepsis treatment protocol.